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Welcome to canaryfishing!

The aim of this site is to provide you, the visiting angler, with all the information you need about fishing in the Canary Islands. A wide range of fishing techniques-in both salt- and freshwater- are extensively discussed. If you´re an occasional angler who would like to “wet a line” during your stay, check out the QUICK START GUIDE for some useful tips..

Due to the geographical situation of the islands (just 200 km off the African coast and 1000 km south of mainland Spain), a wide range of both African and European fish species are present in the Canaries all year round, while trophy blue and white marlin, tuna and other pelagics migrate to the islands during the summer months. The CANARIAN FISH SPECIES section contains useful data (including specific fishing techniques) on about 200 local marine and fresh-water species. .

If you are planning a fishing trip to Africa (where it is still possible to catch the fish of a life-time off the beach) the FISHING AFRICA section will tell you where  to go and what to take.

Local marine conservation and the International Game Fish Association´s (IGFA) role in the defence of sustainable fishing are dealt with in the CONSERVATION & IGFA sections. Taking into account that several world records have been established in The Canary Islands (Your next fish might just be one!), here is where you´ll find a résumé of the IGFA regulations concerning record applications.

All contributions (photos, videos, fishing jokes, etc) and unused bait would be very welcome.

Canaryfishing supports Catch-and-Release! Do you?

Enjoy your fishing in the Canary Islands!